Building Stronger Communities,
One Farm at a Time.

At Harvest107, we believe in the power of women farmers to nourish communities and drive positive change. Our Rural Programs are designed to empower and equip women in rural areas with the resources and knowledge they need to thrive.
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If female farmers had the same opportunities as men, hunger would reduce by 150 million people.

Increased Crop Yields

Our agronomists teach women farmers sustainable agriculture techniques that lead to higher and more consistent crop yields.

Enhanced Crop Quality

We provide training on proper harvesting, handling, and storage techniques to ensure that crops reach the market in the best possible condition.

Agribusiness Skills

Harvest107 equips women farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary to run their farms as successful businesses.

Protect the Environment

We promote techniques that conserve water, reduce soil erosion, and eliminate reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

By empowering women farmers, we empower entire communities. Women are often responsible for food security in rural areas. When women farmers succeed, it has a ripple effect, leading to improved nutrition, increased economic stability, and a brighter future for all.

Promote Biodiversity

We encourage practices like crop rotation and companion planting to create healthy ecosystems that attract beneficial insects and pollinators.

Long-Term Viability

Our goal is to equip women farmers with the knowledge and skills to maintain healthy soils and ensure the sustainability of their farms for generations to come.



The Family Farm Pack includes everything needed to start an organic garden.

Each family receives a bucket for water, quality soil, seed packs and tools.


Training covers financial management, negotiation techniques, and more.

We empowering women to run their farms as profitable and sustainable businesses.


We teach women farmers eco-friendly techniques that protect the environment.

This creates thriving farms that benefit the land and future generations.


We provide ongoing mentorship to our partner farmers.

We're here to answer questions, troubleshoot, and celebrate successes.