783 million people in the world suffer from hunger.

Nearly 1 in 10 people globally struggle with chronic hunger.Reliable access to food means opportunity: children can attend school, adults can work, and everyone has the chance for a healthier life.

Fresh food changes everything.

Fresh, homegrown vegetables bring a wave of positive change: stronger bodies, empowered communities, and a brighter future. We're fighting hunger and building a healthier world, one garden at a time.

Nutrition & Health

Malnutrition stunts the growth of nearly 1/3 of children in developing nations. Growing vegetables provides essential vitamins and minerals, boosting overall health.

Food Security

Reliable sources of fresh food within communities reduces dependence on unpredictable and expensive markets for families facing food insecurity.

Education & Sustainability

Teaching how to grow fresh food empowers communities to become more self-sufficient, benefiting the environment and promotes healthy habits for future generations.

Community Building

Urban gardens create vibrant community spaces where people can come together, promote collaboration and work towards a sustainable future.

Every $1 invested in childhood nutrition programs yields around $16 in return.

Access to fresh vegetables isn't just about nourishment, it empowers communities, fuels economic growth, and fosters a healthier planet.

Invest in fresh food, invest in a brighter tomorrow.