The Moringa Project: Growing Hope & Health

The moringa tree is a nutritional powerhouse, often called the "miracle tree."


Planting for the future.

We plant moringa trees at every project site, creating a sustainable source of nutrition for communities.


Journey to 10,000 trees.

Our goal is to plant 10,000 moringa trees across Haiti, significantly impacting the lives of 100+ communities.

More Than Just Food: Moringa's Many Benefits


Packed with vitamins, minerals, & protein, moringa leaves provide a plethora of nutrients.

Water Purification

Its seeds can clarify cloudy water, providing a simple solution for cleaner drinking water.

Organic Fertilizer

The leaves can be used to create natural fertilizer, reducing reliance on chemical alternatives.


Moringa leaves are a rich source of antioxidants which can contribute to overall health.

The Moringa Project is more than just planting trees – it's about empowering communities and fostering a healthier future for Haiti.

Erosion Prevention

Moringa's extensive root systems act like natural anchors, gripping the soil and preventing erosion.

Crop Shade

Their lacy foliage creates shade, perfect for protecting crops from the harsh Haitian sun.