Grow fresh,
Eat Local.

At Harvest107, we're passionate about bringing fresh, healthy food to communities and fostering a connection with where our food comes from. That's why we specialize in installing and maintaining urban gardens, particularly in partnership with schools.
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Education sprouts in the garden. Students learn:

Organic Agriculture

Creating organic fertilizers & pesticides using eco-friendly methods.

Plant Care

Weeding strategies & the importance of creating a thriving ecosystem.


Compost food scraps and yard waste, turning them into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Rainwater Collection

Explore water conservation by learning how to collect rainwater in unique ways.

We believe that education is a key ingredient in building a sustainable food system. We create organic gardens that serve as outdoor classrooms.

Seed Harvesting

Collect seeds from plants to grow again next season, connect to the cycle of life.

Sustainability & More

Crop rotation, beneficial insects, minimizing waste, and more.



We create unique and functional garden beds using recycled materials.


Maximize yield in minimal space! We plant urban gardens that thrive.


Students learn about organic practices, and the rewards of growing their own food.


Students learn eco-friendly practices that gives back to the environment.